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February Favorites: Books To Read

The Strand’s Favorite February Reads

Are you looking for a cozy way to spend the cold February days? Hunker down in your spacious apartments at The Strand and indulge in some reading! This month, we’ve rounded up our favorite books that are perfect to get lost in while sipping hot cocoa in your West Sac apartments. Whether you’re interested in captivating fiction, self-help reads, or soul-searching novels – there’s something here for everyone to enjoy this winter. Here are our February favorites: books to read in 2023 at The Strand.

Top Fiction Books To Read

February is a great time of year to escape into the pages of some wonderful books.

  • The Candy House – This riveting story by Jennifer Egan, is about a revolutionary technology called “Own Your Unconscious” created by Bix Bouton. This device allows people to upload and share their memories and access every memory they ever had. This novel skillfully digests complex topics of the tenacity of humans longing for real connection, love, privacy, and redemption.
  • Trust – If you’re looking for another great read, try Hernan Diaz’s historical fiction novel ‘Trust’. It tells the story of money, power, intimacy, and perception. It follows an iconic couple in New York, Benjamin and Helen Rask during the 1920s. He is a legendary Wall Street tycoon; she is the daughter of eccentric aristocrats. Together, they have risen to the very top of a world of seemingly endless wealth. But at what cost have they acquired their immense fortune?
  • This Time Tomorrow – Written by New York Times Best Selling Author, Emma Straub delivers pages of brim tenderness and an appreciation for what we had and who we were. The character Alice Stern, faced with the imminent death of her beloved 73-year-old father, confronts her own stasis. She’s been stuck for years in the same tiny studio apartment and the same job in the admissions department of a private school in Manhattan she attended decades earlier, longing for change.

So snuggle up in your favorite spot in your spacious and cozy apartment at The Strand enjoying our February favorites!

Top Self-Help Books To Read

For an inspiring and insightful February, here are The Strand’s top picks to read:

  • Power Of Now – A guide to spiritual enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle will show you how to become more aware and mindful of your thoughts and actions in the present moment for improved mastery over your life.
  • Happy Days – #1 New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein charts a clear path to releasing inner child wounds and unlearning fear for a path to a meaningful life.
  • Atomic Habits – Author James Clear, is an expert on habit formation. He reveals practical strategies that will teach you how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

Whether you’re utilizing the lush amenities or lounging by the outdoor fireplace, take some time to immerse yourself in these self-help books for a meaningful start to your February!

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